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My name is Sara and I was born in Odense, Denmark. At two I moved to California and have been a globe trotter since. I graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design, and I have worked full time with corporate and advertising agencies, however, I find freelance challenging, exciting, and significant.

My experiences lie within sustainability, health + wellness, luxury real estate, app + development startups, private businesses, and nonprofits.

Cultures, sceneries, and new experiences are where I develop the inspiration to concept and design unique projects.

Together, with your expertise and my unique design perspective I believe we can inspire each other to create something beautiful and meaningful.

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Born in the Sunshine State.
Working in the Big Apple.
Living the Dream™.

My name is Brittany Nichole Weissler Einsmann (BNWE), and I’m a freelance writer. I received by Bachelor’s in English from the University of Florida and immediately put it to work. I’ve been in nonprofits, publishing companies and advertising agencies for the past eight years. Whether it’s writing, developing marketing strategies, creating social presences, concepting ad campaigns, branding or consuming dangerous amounts of caffeine, I've been in it to win it.

Why writing? Because I love good stories. Together, we can identify your needs, then take strategic objectives, conceptual ideas and genuine emotion to figure out the best way to create connections to your audience.

So tell me, do you have a cool project? A campaign you need to flesh out? A new website you want worded just right? Let me know. I’m pretty good at words, and I want to write for you.