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What's it like to be your own boss...


Wanna know what I do when I am not working?

When I am not finding new clients, networking, getting accustomed and making an appearance in a new city?

When I am not going to meet ups and events to build trusting relationships, values to each other, promises that I can take them from here to there?

Wanna know what I am doing when I am not doing that?

When I am not polishing up my website portfolio with current projects relevant to the design industry that changes every other day? When I am not focusing my intentions on a new expertise such as AR, motion design, front-end development?

When I am not marketing or promoting my work and experiences, or reminding you that I am here to help and focus on your project that’s been put aside for far too long? 

When I am not thinking about ways to make income off of connecting people who have value to add to others’ businesses, or brainstorming with friends/ future clients about how to strengthen their business, expand and develop to be more relevant, eco friendly, sustainable, or transparent?

Wanna know when I am not entertaining all that?

When I am not sending out proposals, creating contracts or presentations for process or new business, scheduling meetings, follow up calls, or social content?

When I am not getting paid on time, sending out reminders, follow up emails… searching for the best and cheapest CRM platforms, marketing assets, updating my social profiles, staying up to date with the latest programs, technologies, apps, and sending out invoices?

Well… that’s pretty much the only thing I do (besides travel a bit with my loved ones – and even then, I will stay up to date on my emails, clients, and projects, always with communication and trust between us, Oh and finally writing). 

So the moral of this story is, if you want to be a freelancer, you’ve got to have the drive to do it. There is no half-assing it. When you're not “working aka physically at your desk creating” every interaction is an opportunity. Being on your A-game is hard. And I am not always on it, but I have become more conscious of it when I leave the house. Being in a new city affirms that, but for me it’s a great motivator. Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it. Once you are just starting, it all follows and you’ll read articles, talk to friends, colleagues, past colleagues, forums, groups, etc. that can all help to guide you. You’ll connect with other creators who have skill sets greater or different than yours that can provide value to your next project. Keep those connections close. Don’t get a big ego, just be nice. Offer your advice, share your experiences, be transparent with your clients, learn, fail, learn, and have fun. :)

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