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Need to give a shout out to myself. We don’t take time to appreciate the amount we put on ourselves on a daily basis.

I moved to Arizona a little over a month ago. Within the first 2 weeks, I went to a zero waste meet up and met a group of sincere, selfless people. I went to a creative event for new girls in town, which linked me to a girl who also moved here from San Diego and we met for coffee later that week! I went to the 3rd ever Creative Mornings (CM) event in Tucson & invited my new SD/IG/Coffee date friend.
The first awesome lady I met when I walked in is the creative director at a local agency, we chatted and I told her about St. Pete CMs, that I have ideas for their events. I told her that I wanted to meet others in the design community. We met the following week with the owner of the agency. I there too met another awesome event founder and designer chica (who I had previously found and followed on IG). She and I met up that Friday and have now founded a connection and similar back story. Last Tuesday, I met up with the founder and coordinator of the Zero waste event I first went to, to discuss the possibility of her collaborating with CM Tucson and possibly being a speaker. Yesterday I went to my first CM event planning meeting where I there too met some more creative women and heard about all these event spaces, organizations, and new people to potentially get connected with, shared the BYOM (bring your own mug) idea for the events, signed up to be one of the check-in ladies at the event, and will be designing the postcard flyers to spread the word!

Point I: Every single person I have met or talked to has said that they would take a couple months or so before jumping out into a new city and go to meetups. That shocks me. But it also makes me realize how much of an effect that the act of traveling on my own had on me. Before that, when I was working at an advertising agency in St. Pete, I was very much the iconic designer who kept to herself, worked long hours, and the only friends she connected to were her colleagues - and not saying there is anything wrong with that, But! Everything that followed once I flew overseas with only one luggage, one duffle, and one computer bag, has never been anything I have regretted… well besides maybe a few drunken nights… 

Anyways, the morale of this, is, don’t let FEAR stop you.

I have overcome my innate, introvert state of mind by reacting on first feeling rather than thinking too much about it.

And I know we’ve been taught to think before we talk or do but in this case, go with your gut or initial feeling! Moving is a no biggie. It only gets “big” when you overthink it. 

Point II: We need to appreciate ourselves more. Realize what we do every day to survive, help others, etc and keep on keeping on! Do what motivates us, because that’s exactly what also fuels us to keep going! If you are sitting behind a desk, chugging away at something you dread, with lack of inspiration or drive, how in the world do you think someone is going to love what you’ve created?

Inspiration drives inspiration. Confidence drives success – as long as you’re not a D about it. Show them vs. telling them.